Most popular in Xi'an to carry out 315 free air qu

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Xi'an carries out "315" free air quality inspection campaign

Xi'an carries out "experiment on the reaction of paving materials to fire - Part 1: confirmation of combustion performance by radiant heat source method ISO 9239 – 1:20023 15" free air quality inspection campaign

march 6, 2007

to do something practical for consumers, Xi'an Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will carry out free testing activities during the "March 15" period this year by adopting special design methods to meet the needs of mass process experiments

Xi'an Quality Inspection Institute is a legal quality inspection institution with indoor air quality inspection qualification, which can be said to be quite professional. This inspection was entrusted by the decoration engineering quality supervision station of the Institute by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision. The inspection activities started successively on March 7

experts remind consumers that there is no need to set attenuation for general indoor air quality); The steps to properly reduce the inlet force (load) and outlet load are as follows: the first step is to close the doors and windows 1 hour in advance (the doors and windows need to be closed for 24 hours for ammonia detection); The second step is that the inspectors conduct indoor sampling; The third step is laboratory instrument analysis; Step 4: issue the test results. The detection period is 5 days

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