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Design concept: taste life, change with time, service life

highlight 1: save money and set meals can also be fashionable

the whole house type living room and master bedroom, study face south, restaurant and secondary bedroom face north, the overall design is not only compact, but also fashionable and generous. According to Meiting designer, the head of household chose Meiting 288 package. The package decoration includes items: Xinwu solid wood floor, Rodin tile, Masson resistant molded door, American standard four piece Sanitary Ware set, Meiting household integral cabinet, huitailong hardware, oubaike strength gusset ceiling, Dulux five in one and two generation interior wall paint. Additional items in the package: water and electricity transformation, including riser, black sands water baffle, toilet shower water baffle, kitchen molded door cover, 1.5m cabinet, floor upgrade and other personalized items

highlight 2: simple and warm

in the space whose main tone is cold white, the quiet blue is full of flexibility. As always, the simple space, the delicate texture of white floor tiles, the natural texture of curtains and lighting, and the little warmth in simplicity make people feel the consideration and care from Meiting designer Gao Nianbo. Red can be said to be a jumping point. It is used boldly in the kitchen and becomes a visual highlight. Equipped with smoke gray countertops and handrails, the simple lines reflect pragmatism without losing atmosphere

highlight 3: light flows like water

the most touching thing in the whole design is the treatment of light. The three primary colors of red, yellow and blue can be intertwined into colorful tones, adding a faint tone to this calm and elegant space. The elegant curtains and tablecloths are quiet in the sun, making the breakfast time particularly relaxed; Dinner time, dining under the light blue light, such an atmosphere makes people feel as elegant as being in a high-end western restaurant. The design of the details is closely linked and echoes in every detail. Although it is not publicized, it is still exquisite, which reflects the owner's pursuit of high-grade life





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