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Customized life has entered thousands of households. The joining information of etray health home customized wardrobe recommends that you pay more attention to the purchase of customized wardrobe, and pay more attention to four points

with the improvement of people's living standards, customized life has entered thousands of households. The joining information recommendation of etray health home customized wardrobe, pay more attention to the purchase of customized wardrobe, and pay more attention to the four points

first, the planning of customized wardrobe should take care of special users

for example, the general elderly stack more clothes, less pendants, and the laundry change is not particularly frequent. You can have more separate laminates and drawers, and separate the clothes that are less used from storage. Considering the inconvenient behavior of the elderly and other factors, the commonly used drawer position should not be designed too low, and should be 2250px above and below the ground

second, carefully observe the concealed place, and observe the internal quality of the customized wardrobe from it

observe the section of the plate from some openings. Good plate section has uniform color, light color, and long and fine fibers. The poor plate has a white section mixed with black impurities, dark color, and short and loose fibers. The more neat, smooth, dense, uniform and consistent the edge sealing of the plate, the finer the workmanship of the product is proved; If the edge banding is rough, cocked, cracked, convex and concave, it not only means that the product is rough in workmanship, but also easy to scratch clothes and skin when used

third, pay attention to the installation gateway

the installation level of workers will also have a certain impact on the final state of the wardrobe. The owner needs to do more after the workers finish the installation. For example, push and pull the drawer to see if it pulls smoothly and if the gap is even; Open and close the cabinet door. If the installation is qualified, there should be no abnormal sound, the positioning should be accurate, and the gap on both sides should be uniform; All the horizontal planes of the wardrobe should be flat, and all the elevations should be vertical; Damping drawers, sliding doors, etc. should be pushed and pulled smoothly without sliding back and forth. They will probably stop at the door they push

IV. hardware accessories are very important

door hinges and drawer rails are the two most important hardware accessories in the wardrobe, and their quality largely determines the durability of the wardrobe. The hardware accessories used in good overall wardrobe are mostly well-known brands, and such hardware accessories are printed with anti-counterfeiting signs. Using high-quality hardware accessories can extend the service life of all wardrobes; And inferior hardware fittings can not only ensure their service life, but also may cause the wardrobe to fail to work normally after repeated replacement

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