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In order to prevent drug retailers from using ordinary commodity price tags to plug the "loophole" in drug prices, the Municipal Price Bureau issued a document at the end of last year, requiring all drug retailers in our city to uniformly use the special price tags for drugs and the special price tags for drugs with reduced prices, and set today as the final renewal deadline Switch back rule: this rule applies together with the substitution rule 1. However, after yesterday's surprise "inspection" of drug outlets in our city, it was found that many small-scale pharmacies still use ordinary commodity price tags, and some large pharmacies that use special price tags also have the situation of filling in non-standard, less filling in and selective filling in the price content. The use of "drug labels" is uneven. "In fact, China does not lack original technology in terms of new materials. Yesterday afternoon, I came to several pharmacies located on Hongxing Road and Chunxi Road. I saw in several large pharmacies that Chinese and Western drugs and formula medicinal materials here have used special drug price labels or price reduction drug price labels, and filled in the drug name, specification, dosage form and other contents in detail. However, many price labels are in The column "quality level" is not filled in. Some large pharmacies also have mixed use of special price tags and commodity price tags, and the "maximum retail price" is selectively filled in for different drugs

in some small pharmacies, the use of special price tags in the convenience outpatient department of the hospital is more difficult to satisfy people. In a convenient outpatient department in zouma street, all drugs are still using the price tag of ordinary goods, and the supervision on the price tag is also outdated and can not play any role of supervision at all. The "quality level" should be clear in view of this situation, and then contact Wang Zhikun, director of the Inspection Branch of the Municipal Price Bureau. Director Wang made it clear that the purpose of specially designing and supervising the production of special price tags for drugs is to avoid the price fraud of consumers by the lack of general price tags proposed by the German government. Therefore, all enterprises engaged in drug retail approved by the drug administration department in our city, including Chinese and Western medicine stores, convenient outpatient medicine cabinets in hospitals and drug retail counters in large and medium-sized shopping malls, must immediately use special price tags. And the column "quality level" must be clearly filled in. Because even for drugs of the same specification and manufacturer, the price difference between GMP and non GMP drugs can reach 30%, and the injection can even reach 40%, so this is actually the most prone to price fraud, which is one of the most commonly used means for operators to deceive consumers. It is reported that from now on, the Municipal Price Bureau will conduct a comprehensive inspection on the use of special price tags for drugs

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