The great energy bill pricing gap and why you’re m

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The great energy bill pricing gap and why you’re missing out | The New Daily - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Last year electricity and gas prices dropped to a five-year-low, according to the Australian Energy Regulator*.

But those costs aren’t being passed onto the average household, as a recent survey from Compare Club found just 14% of Australians felt their energy bills had dropped over the past three months**:1622669404284,.

Energy prices are predicted to stay low, so surely that means your bills should also drop? If you think your bill should be lower, you’re probably right.?The good news? It only takes a few minutes to check if there’s a better deal.

?Why hasn’t my energy provider lowered my billss medical officer of health deems COVID levels safe enough for them to return.?

Remember that super-cheap energy plan you signed up to last year? Chances are, you’re not on such a good rate nowPatios are open ... just not in Ontario. Here.

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