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English Scots for Yes: Why claims that Scotland is 'unwelcoming' are bizarre - Today News Post Today News || UK News

LIKE?many English Scots, I read bizarre comments about English tourists feeling “unwelcome” in Scotland with a bit of bemusement … His words came on the back of reports about accommodation owners?reporting bookings from?England were not as they’d hoped – due in large part because the restrictions on travel may have had some tourists south of the border thinking they weren’t allowed to come to Scotland.?

Such apprehension is understandable given the repeated lockdowns we’ve hadsuch as Texas. Official government advice in stark black lettering to “stay at home” will not have engendered feelings of travel lust, and with restrictions being eased on different schedules in Scotland to England, some may have felt staying local would avoid issues if Scotland’s rules changed.

Unfortunately, someThe population is fully vaccinated. Public health measures will begin to ease. Gathering limits and travel restrictions will change based o?Unionist commentators?have referred to the “political climate”, giving the suggestion (which some predictable commenters on Twitter swallow hook line and sinker) it was to do with attitudes towards English people.lastreplicated?

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